Establishment of Anti Ragging Committee and Discipline Committee

In tune with the policy of Sanjeev Institute of Planning and Management to ensure ragging free environment in the campus and in the compliance with the notice from UGC and AICTE time to time Anti Ragging committee has been constituted from the academic year 2019-2020 by deputing following faculty members.
Motto: Ragging free environment for bright future.
Objective of the committee: The committee aims at ragging free environment in the campus premises and promote healthy atmosphere among the students of the college.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Identifying probing issues of ragging and irradicate them completely.
2. Monitoring Misbehaviour/ in discipline students and counsel them properly. If it is required provide them counselling with respective specialists.
3. Conduct Anti-Ragging awareness programmes with the help of professional counsellors and police department.

List of Members in the committee

1Dr. Ch RavivarmaConvener9989983388
2D BhuvankumarCo-Convener8340055596
3P SrinivasMember8977665333
4T KanakalakshmiMember0884-2377995