Director’s Message

P. Sri Ram Sanjeev
B.Tech, M.S (U.K), (Ph.D).

snj sir “I believe that every student has unique skill,we need to identify it and develop his potential through joyful learning”
Dear Parent,
I observe many people around, some of them got failure due to lack of communication skills and some are poor in academics. I decided to contribute for the society by developing young minds by igniting them in 3600 life skills. With this motto I started an innovative learning flat form where an individual can learn while rejoice.
An investment made in a “Sanjeev Institute of Planning and Management” pays many dividends through life. From the moment he enters the college gates as an undergraduate, a student gets to realise who he is; and where his potential lies. Irrespective of his background or calibre, he is groomed and nurtured in a way that he can stride into the adult world, confidently, responsibly and independently. Multiple generations of successful students are living proof that this unique learning system works, and works well. Just leave your ward with us and we take care of the rest by shaping your ward to be a great leader for the society
With all good wishes
(P Sri Ram Sanjeev)